Crafting Dreams, Pouring Passion: The Eleventhree Story

In a whirlwind of plans and unexpected turns, our journey to create Eleventhree Brewery was like a rollercoaster ride through Ohio. Let me tell you, it was one wild adventure.

Dave and I had this grand dream of moving to North Carolina, where we'd soak up the Southern charm. But hey, life had other plans. So, we settled in Chardon, Ohio, and it became our version of the South, minus the sweet tea.

Now, picture this: Dave, the beer wizard, and me, Chelsea, cooking up a storm even before we started dating. Lobster rolls were our secret weapon, destined for the opening menu of our brewery. But fate had its own timing; those rolls joined our Nanokitchen's lineup a few months after our grand opening.

So, here we were, juggling businesses, parenting three kiddos, and hunting for the perfect spot for our brewery. Trust me, finding that spot was like searching for a four-leaf clover in a field of three-leaf ones. We scoured places from Chagrin Falls to Fairport Harbor, encountering basements unfit for brewing and parking spaces that could barely fit a bike.

Then, the pandemic threw us a curveball. Covid hit hard, and while bars and restaurants shut down, Dave's homebrewing skyrocketed. People craved a good brew and, man, did Dave deliver.

But life took a turn. My salon business faced a shut-down during Covid, and the search for our dream brewery location hit pause. It felt like we were playing a game of Monopoly, stuck in jail, waiting for the right chance to roll the dice.

Fast forward to December 2021, and voila! A Facebook post led us to an industrial space in Chardon. It was as if the universe finally said, "Here's your spot, folks!" Just half a mile from town, it felt like destiny knocking at our door.

With the lease signed, we dove headfirst into creating our dream brewery. Our kids even had a say in the floor plan! I took charge of the design, infusing a mix of 19th-century boho chic and modern minimalism. Think earthy tones, funky patterns, and a bar top made from a 100-year-old basketball gym floor – talk about character!

My mother-in-law, Marie, from "Etc. on Erie," jumped in, lending her expertise in decor sourcing. Together, we decked out Eleventhree with mango wood, rattan, and wooly goodness, creating a space that screamed, "Come in, grab a beer, and chill!"

Come June 30th, 2023, we flung those doors wide open! Imagine the excitement as we unveiled four distinctive beer styles, ready to delight every palate. Dave, the mastermind brewer by night and a software whiz by day, poured his heart and soul into each batch.

We weren't just about great beer; we were brewing an experience. Our mantra was a culinary approach to brewing, promising a rotating menu as diverse and exciting as a gourmet feast. And those lobster rolls? They finally found their place, paired perfectly with our brews.

Eleventhree isn't just a name. It's a story stitched with the threads of fate. Dave and I both sported the number 11 on our jerseys back in the day, and that number kept showing up in our lives, nudging us along this incredible journey. The 3 in Eleventhree? That's for our three amazing kiddos, adding an extra sprinkle of love to our story.

Our hearts hold North Carolina and New England close, and our brewery reflects that. Dave's New England IPAs? They're like a piece of the East Coast magic in the Midwest. And those lobster rolls? They're not just food; they're a taste of our love for good eats and fantastic brews.

So, here we are, serving up more than just beer. We're dishing out an experience, a blend of Midwest warmth and a sprinkle of Southern soul, wrapped in the aroma of hops and the taste of lobster rolls. Eleventhree Brewery isn't just a place; it's where dreams ferment into reality, one delicious sip at a time.

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